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This was a project I started almost exactly a year ago and for some reason forgot about (I'm a little upset with myself for that).  A whole heap of satin undies for AF on Martini's mesh with BlooM's cleavage and Sexyfeet.

Satin undies preview

Are those space panties you're wearing?
...Because your ass is out of this world!

*groans from audience*

These are recolors of Bruno's satin undies from her "Cutie Pie" set. There are 38 total - 5 galaxy prints, 7 gradients, 25 solids, and a random one with an opalescent pattern seen on the model on the far right. ("Love is the Pulse of the Stars" is the title of one of the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam compilation films, isn't it the most beautiful phrase?)

Satin undies swatch

DOWNLOAD Love is the Pulse of the Stars

BUT WAIT! There's moar! I was inspired to make these after I put CuriousB's Any Colour You Like and Juri-Anne's Aelia Retro recolors on this mesh. (I seem to have lost the link to Juri-Anne's originals, sorry!) So have 50 more! I didn't do previews for these, but I've included swatches of the colors.

DOWNLOAD CuriousB's & Juri-Anne's recolors on Martini's mesh


Mesh by Martini (cleavage & Sexyfeet by BlooM)
Textures by Bruno

Colors by Furbyq & Pooklet
Opalescent pattern by peacoquettedesigns @ Spoonflower
Galaxy images from various Internet sources

Additional recolors by CuriousB & Juri-Anne
Colors by CuriousB & Aelia
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