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Amaryll's shoeswap of the Glamour Life Stuff fishtail dress and Trapping's full-length halter gown are absolutely fabulous and I wanted them in more colors.

Formal gowns preview

I don't know why, but even though the stuff pack is called Glamour Life, I've always seen the word "glamorous" without that first U. But both "glamor" and "glamourous" both look wrong to me. Anyway, you don't need GLS for any of these since they're custom meshes.

The fishtail dress (first and third models from the left) is for AF only and there are 18 recolors, 16 of my own and the Maxis purple and silver (because I have Amaryll's default and she replaced those colors, but I like them).

Fishtail dress swatch

NOTE: For whatever reason, the same recolors do not work for both Amaryll's default and the custom mesh. There are two folders in the rar - one for use with the default and one without.

DOWNLOAD Amaryll Fishtail Dress Recolors

The halter gown (second and fourth models) also have TF and EF versions, there are repositoried ones if you'd like. I did 16 recolors:

Halter gown swatch

Trapping Halter Gown Recolors
AF | TF | EF
TF (Repositoried)EF (Repositoried)

Meshes by Amaryll & Trapping
Colors by Aelia & CuriousB

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