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January's theme is "Unfinished Business," and it was the perfect opportunity to finish up some things I had laying around my projects folder.

Cozy Kitties preview

Qube tables preview

First, there are 6 cute cat-themed outfits for toddler girls. They are recolors of fakepeeps7's cat hoodies, you will need to get the mesh here.

Cozy Kitties swatch

DOWNLOAD Cozy Kitties

I love the "Qube" neon coffee table that comes with Nightlife, so I made 28 recolors in some of Nyren's Kosmik pastels and Pooklet's neons.

Qube tables swatch

DOWNLOAD Sugar Qubes


Cozy Kitties-
Mesh by fakepeeps7
Color actions by Huning and Nyren
Patterns by doodlecats, heidikenney, pinkowlet, & sheena_hisiro @ Spoonflower; addabarrios & hiver @ Colourlovers

Sugar Qubes-
Color actions by Nyren and Pooklet

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