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I participated in GoS's Founder's Day event this year, and today was my day to share my gifts!

Founder's Day main preview

Hair preview

6 hairs in Io's texture blend. As usual, they come in these colors and naturals except grays are binned but not familied.

Top row, left to right:
Raon 79: AnglesDownload
Peggy Fh100827: Angles | Download
Newsea Desperate: AnglesDownload

Bottom row:
Peggy October 09 Gift: AnglesDownload
Helga 87AnglesDownload
Newsea Rough Sketch: AnglesDownload


Necklaces preview

Half Moon Love: 8 space-themed necklaces for AF, AM, TF, & TM on Aikea Guinea's triple choker mesh and oph3lia & CuriousB's teen conversions. Pendants from ThePendantIsland on Etsy.

Necklaces swatch

DOWNLOAD Half Moon Love

Lola dress preview

Lola in Lace: lace retextures of Io's Lola dress in 9 colors. (detail)

Lola dress swatch

DOWNLOAD Lola in Lace

Rompers preview

Brighter Than The Sun: Trapping's edit of fakepeeps7's romper for CF in 8 of Huning's Pony colors and 5 cute patterns.

Rompers swatch

DOWNLOAD Brighter Than The Sun

Beanbag chairs preview

Jessy's 3t2 beanbag chair in 28 assorted solids and 14 patterns.

Beanbag chairs swatch

DOWNLOAD Jessy Beanbag Chair Recolors

Walls preview

Evenstar: 28 walls with a subtle, elegant pattern and Shastakiss's moulding in colors by Aelia & CuriousB.

Wallpaper swatch

DOWNLOAD Evenstar WallsMac-compatible version


All necessary meshes are included and the files have been compressorized.

Aikea Guinea, CuriousB, Helga, Io, Jessy, Newsea, oph3lia, Peggy, Raon, Trapping
amidnighteaparty @ deviantArt, fakepeeps7, Io, Jessy, Shastakiss, ThePendantIsland @ Etsy,
Anomalin, Array of Lilly, Eonscintilla, hiver, HopeFull, incal, Praxicalidocious, Weirdy, & yoksel @ COLOURlovers; littlesmilemakers & kristinnohe @ Spoonflower
Color actions-
Aelia, Almighty Hat, Aweeshie, CuriousB, Furbyq, Hermit Fox, Huning, Io, Nyren, Pooklet

And extra thanks to Shastakiss for helping me with my first wall set! :)

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