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Today I bring you some recolors of Aquilegia's peasant blouses and add-on recolors to lovely hair retextures by Azaya & Nat.

Blouses preview
Hair preview

The blouses are for TF, AF, & EF and come in 15 solid colors & 8 floral patterns.

Blouses swatch

DOWNLOAD Garden In My Room

AF | TF | EF
TF (Repositoried)EF (Repositoried)

Meshes & textures by Aquilegia
Color actions by Aelia & CuriousB
Patterns by Any Palacios, Eonscintilla, Sugary, Weirdy, yncolor & Yoksel @ COLOURlovers and caja_design @ Spoonflower

For the hairs, I did all the colors in my usual set that weren't already done. You can get the original colors at the links provided. Naturals except grays are binned but not familied.

Alesso Spectrum hair preview

Alesso Spectrum 3t2

(shown in Cannonball)
TF-EF / Polycount: 16850
Retextured by Azaya / Pooklet v3 & Nouk waves blend

This is one of my favorite hair meshes, it's a shame it's only teen and up. I don't consider a hair to be high-poly until it hits 20K, but 16850 might be high for some folks. I only use the female version, but feel free to slap my recolors on the male mesh as long as you credit Azaya.

DOWNLOAD Alesso Spectrum 3t2 Add-ons

CREDIT: Jessy for the 3t2 conversion.

Cloud Puff hair preview

Modish Kitten Cloud Puff 3t2
(shown in Shinji)
F / All Ages / Polycount: 8862
Retextured by Nat / Nouk Afro textures

This hair is gorgeous, it's got a fine layer on top that makes the texture even more realistic.

DOWNLOAD Modish Kitten Cloud Puff 3t2

CREDIT: AngelLuvJoy for the 3t2 conversion.

Peggy 4476 hair preview

Peggy 4476
(shown in Pyrotechnic)
CF-EF / Polycount: 10286
Retextured by Azaya / Pooklet v3 textures

I usually name Peggy hairs by the name of the mesh (this one is Fh081129_q010) but Azaya refers to it as 4476. I really have no idea how Peggy's numbering system works. Anyway, this mesh gets a little crunchy when the sim turns their head (you can see it in the main preview) but it's not that bad. Since this is an older retexture (from 2011), Azaya had used the old versions of Afterburner and Blasting Agent, so I did the updated ones.

DOWNLOAD Peggy 4476
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