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This was a project I started almost exactly a year ago and for some reason forgot about (I'm a little upset with myself for that).  A whole heap of satin undies for AF on Martini's mesh with BlooM's cleavage and Sexyfeet.

Satin undies preview
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Me, 5 months ago: "I retextured a hair! It deserves a digital art masterpiece for a preview!"
Me, now: "Uh, here's some hairs I've been meaning to upload, have this lazy-ass preview pic of all of them."

I don't even have the usual lengthy commentary to add, so for once, just have some hair :D  As usual they come in these colors and all naturals except grays are binned but not familied. The Volatile base .png is included for anyone who wants to make recolors.

Hair preview


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Or rather, a lot late, since this was originally intended for the June theme at GoS ("Party like it's 1999"). I was traveling at the end of the month so I wasn't able to finish on time, plus I've been procrastinating with uploading CC lately, so here it is 3 months later :-P
Balloons preview

So... I repositoried my first mesh!  These are HolySimoly's party balloons.  The single balloon is now slaved to the group of 3.  If you have the old single balloon mesh, delete it, obviously (mine is labeled "slave" to avoid confusion). I like the designs on the originals but thought plain ones would be more useful for people so I edited the alpha.  I was sorely tempted to do 99 recolors but decided that would be overkill :D There are 42 in all - assorted brights and pastels plus black and white.
Balloons swatch

DOWNLOAD Holy Simoly Balloons

I've also put together a PSD if anybody wants it. There are instructions inside for how I did the recolors myself.

DOWNLOAD Holy Simoly Balloons PSD


Original meshes: HolySimoly
Color actions: Pooklet, Huning, Nyren, Aelia, & Furbyq

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This has been a rough month for me and I haven't been up for making CC much. I do have a few things from earlier I finished up that I'll be posting later, but for now here's my tiny (or should I say, skimpy :D) contribution to August's theme ("Ladies' Night Is Cancelled").

Mr. Tangerine Speedo preview

Figs made these originally, but I wanted them with Sexyfeet so I slapped them on BlooM's TM swim mesh. I also made them for AM and EM. AM is a Maxis recolor so they will work with whatever defaults you have. EM has separate blockfeet and Sexyfeet versions. I also did a bonus black recolor, and if you'd like that for TM with blockfeet it's available as a separate download. There are 24 colors (Figs' originals in Pooklet's neons, plus black). Please note that these are in Pooklet's older color actions, so Hangfire is darker, Torpedo is neon and not pastel yellow, etc.

TM Sexyfeet | TM Blockfeet (black only)
AM (works for both block & sexyfeet)
EM SexyfeetEM Blockfeet

Textures by Figs
Meshes by BlooM & Menaceman44
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I know it's been a little while since I uploaded anything, but I missed the deadline for the June theme since I was out of town visiting family and since then I've spent a lot of my Sims time going through the massive amounts of CC I have so I can someday actually play again. While unsuccessfully avoiding more downloading sprees. I need an intervention :D

July's theme was "Night at the Museum," and I was thrilled because not only do I love art and art history but this gave me the perfect excuse to make vases for M'Quve's collection!  I also did some paintings by one of my favorite artists.

Chinese vases preview

Rossetti paintings preview

This way to the main exhibit )
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So... Digital Angels is one of my fave creators, and I've got more of her hair retextures than anyone else's. And of course I need my Sims to have a million hair colors to choose from, so I like to make more recolors. I figured why not upload them, because there's always a chance someone else might want them.

Cazy/Digital Angels hair preview

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I had been meaning to retexture the FT flamenco dancer hair for a long time, and the entertainment/music part of May's "Triple Threat" theme gave me the inspiration to do it. Then I decided to do the men's flamenco hat, and make defaults, and it kept going from there.

Flamenco Fiesta preview
Let the rhythm take you over, bailamos! )

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Now that all the treasures have been revealed, here's my contribution, which to be honest I've been itching to post since I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out and had a LOT of fun making it!

GoS Treasure Hunt 2016 Sunglasses preview

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When I finished doing the Io retexture I thought, "I bet this hair would look great with Nouk's waves."

Trapping Short Wavy Messy 3t2 hair preview

(shown in Aether (left) and Pyrotechnic (right))
M / All Ages / Polycount: 2316

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I never have enough hair for my male sims, so I'm trying to make it a priority to get some of the M hairs on my to-do list done before the 8 million other F ones.

Raon M035 hair preview

(shown in Lucifer)
M / All Ages / Polycount: 11780

Newsea Roy hair preview

(shown in Blasting Agent)
M / All Ages / Polycount: 7579

I love that palm tree wallpaper that came with BV. It makes a lovely backdrop. (Or maybe I'm a tad obsessed with palm trees :D) )
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Two more things I've had finished for a while ^_^

Newsea Thorn Birds hair preview

(shown in Detonator)
F / All Ages / Polycount: 14387

Pooklet's Project Goose dress with flats preview
Click it! Click it good! )
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Rose Gudai 009 hair preview

(shown in Nesert)
CF-EF / Polycount: 5359

Man, this hair. This hair nearly had me in tears, the mapping was such a nightmare. Now I am in no place to criticize mesh work, because I can't do it myself, but whatever.  I really wanted this classy, elegant updo in my game, so I plodded through and I'm satisfied with the results.

I can't figure out how this 'do is created in real life, even if my own hair is long enough to try it. It's all pulled into a mysterious donut of hair where the ends are neatly concealed. However, I just found Rose's original preview on Sims Cave, and it was made to go with a hairpiece accessory which probably hides that part. When it comes to pixel doll hair I'm not too concerned whether the style can be realistically pulled off, so whatever.

Rose Gudai 009 hair preview with angles
Please note that the mesh has some issues, most notably a gap in the back that for some reason is not visible in Bodyshop except in the teen mesh. I didn't think to age down my (adult) model to check the other ages in-game. You can see two small gaps on the top and left in the title pic, the top one is where a bunch of the pieces meet. There are a few flickery dots when you turn the sim around in BS. I'm a very fussy person and I can live with these issues, so hopefully they won't be a dealbreaker for most people. (It is an old mesh, after all).

Comes in these colors, naturals (except grays) are binned but not familied. Bastet is not binned so you have the option to leave it in custom if you want. The mesh is included and files are compressorized as always.

Mesh by Rose
Textures by Io
Colors by Pooklet, Io, Lilith, Digital Angels, Almighty Hat, Aweeshie, & Furbyq

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I fulfilled a request at GoS a month ago for the rest of Pooklet's colors for ZeroDark's retexture of Newsea Sakura with Trapping's twists.  I did more recolors later and slapped them all on the F2M mesh.

Newsea Sakura F & M hair preview

(shown in Hangfire (TM) and Flash Powder (AF))
F & M / All Ages / Polycount: F - 9262, M - 9367

I was all ready to upload them when I noticed a little strip of transparency on the side of the hair I hadn't noticed before. It was pretty minor by most people's standards, but I happen to be a huge perfectionist with OCD and I couldn't let it go. I drove myself nuts trying to figure out the problem, I did some further edits to the alpha but that didn't entirely fix it. It turns out that something (SimPE? DDS utilities?) didn't like the way I save my textures in Photoshop and I had to apply the layer mask to each recolor individually instead of grouping them with the mask on the group. I'm sure I'm not making much sense to some people, but anyway, it's fixed and here it is.  ^_^

ZeroDark did Dynamite, Depth Charge, Volatile, Explosive, Mail Bomb, and Bastet, so if you want those grab them at the link above. I did the rest of these colors.

Both F & M work for all ages, naturals (except grays) are binned but not familied. Meshes are included. I'm sorry the male recolors are bigger than the female in filesize - the M version has a third texture that was a huge blank and I don't know if anything can be done with that. If so, let me know and I'll change it.

Mesh by Newsea, expanded to all ages & F2M conversion by Trapping
Retextured by ZeroDark
Textures converted from TS3 by Trapping
Alpha edit by Fanaskher (edited further by me)
Colors by Pooklet, Io, Lilith, Digital Angels, & Furbyq
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Since I did a whole load of winter coats and scarves back in January, it's starting to warm up again here, and male sims need more swimwear, for "Whatever the Weather" I made my swim trunks from November's theme for adults, teens, and kids.

Swim trunks preview

  • Bon Voyage is required for AM since they use the boardshorts mesh, but the TM is a conversion and CM is on a base game mesh so you don't need anything for those.  
  • The TM rar includes a blockfoot and a Sexyfeet mesh, the recolors work for both. Feet for the other ages will depend on your defaults, of course.**
  • I've included both standalone and repositoried-to-EM files for AM and TM. I redid the kids' trunks to fit the base game mesh, those textures are different so they can't be repositoried.
  • Obviously, Needlecream's 6 textures aren't included for AM because the originals are already for AM. However, please note that my repositoried TM ones are linked to my EM files and not Needlecream's AM. This is because I removed the waist shadows, they looked weird on the elder mesh. They weren't an issue on the other ages but I did this for consistency - sorry if this is inconvenient for anyone.
Swim trunks swatch

AM | TM | CM

**In case anyone didn't know, Slig added a preg morph to BlooM's AM BV trunks default. They also did the AM & TM ones from H&M since BlooM didn't do them, so grab those too if you have the stuff pack!  If you use blockfeet, transylvanian at MTS has a preg morph default for the BV one here.

Meshes: TM conversion of BV swim trunks by AdmiralAeris, BlooM's Sexyfeet added by Slig
Textures: Needlecream (6 TM recolors and the PSD I used to make my own), fakepeeps7 (CM)
Color actions: Aelia, CuriousB, Huning, & Pooklet
Patterns: 1 each by HopeFull & yoksel @ COLOURlovers, the rest from various users on Spoonflower (Needlecream's are by Annelies Belemans - I used them myself to re-make the CM ones)
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I would have done more for Founder's Day, but I was still working on the outerwear sets and my depression got pretty bad after the holidays so I didn't have much inspiration or motivation for anything else. Also, I haven't done any object recolors other than noobish slider edits in my old game a few years back (and paintings, but SimPE's Photo Studio makes those super easy to do).

I had just found Skell's TF conversion of Gelydh's AL corset top and since I freakin' love corsets I obviously needed the other sets I had for teens, too. They fit nicely into the Goth theme, so there was a little something I could contribute.

Corsets preview 1

I apologize for the terrible lighting, I had been more indecisive than usual with my picture taking and at one point just said "fuck it, I want to get this uploaded."  Anyway, the first set is Bosie's "Économie de Moyens" and FadeToBlack's "Revolution Begins". 

Corsets swatch 1

Set 2 is FadeToBlack's "Circus of Sin":

Corsets preview 2

Corsets swatch 2

The mesh has a fat morph and is included. Each rar has both a standalone version and one repositoried to the AF originals.

Set 1 | Set 2

CREDITS: Mesh by Skell (conversion of Gelydh's AF original), textures by Bosie & FadeToBlack. I just did copypasta & repositorying (is that a word?)
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January's theme was "Unfinished Business," and boy, am I ever the queen of unfinished business. I didn't finish the projects I had intended for December's between starting it late and traveling for the holidays, so I expanded upon them. That one was "Winter Wonderland," so I did some recolors of two winter coats by Yuxi that I adore and a cute scarf by Trapping.

Preview of winter coats & scarves

I had them posed like that so long the snow filled in their footprints... )
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The GoS monthly theme for last November was "Senior Citizen Celebration," so I took the opportunity to make some stuff for elder males, since they're probably the single most neglected age/sex group in the game. Furthermore, there's almost nothing for swimwear and undies for them.
Swim trunks preview 1

Boxers preview 1

Moar previews and download links under here! (I just made you say 'underwear' :D ) )
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I've already uploaded a few things to GoS, but I didn't get my lazy ass to set up this journal until now.

This was not only my very first upload anywhere ever, but my first hair retexture - my contribution for the GoS September 2015 monthly theme. Why oh why did I choose a mesh with such atrocious mapping?  Because I'm a glutton for punishment, apparently.

XMS Flora 077 hair retexture preview

(shown in Fluorophore)
CF-EF / Polycount: 2517

It was all ages originally, but I removed the toddler age because it looked weird.

Here's a couple more previews (Isis and Sunspot):

Isis previewSunspot preview

This was the first and last time I will do a hair in every goddamn color action that exists :D  There are 112 recolors total, naturals are binned except grays, not familied so you can do it however you want. (Bastet is in the naturals rar with the rest of Io's colors, I don't usually bin it but I did this time). Mesh is included & all files compressorized.

Mesh: Flora at XM Sims
Textures: Io
Colors: Pooklet, Io, Lilith, Almighty Hat, Aweeshie, & Furbyq