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More delightfully tacky '80s fashion!

Shutter shades preview

Shutter shades swatch

16 recolors of Vanilla_Ice-cream's shutter shades in some of Pooklet's neons and gradients.  They are unisex, for child-elder. Mesh by Stonetower is included.


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I had been meaning to retexture the FT flamenco dancer hair for a long time, and the entertainment/music part of May's "Triple Threat" theme gave me the inspiration to do it. Then I decided to do the men's flamenco hat, and make defaults, and it kept going from there.

Flamenco Fiesta preview
Let the rhythm take you over, bailamos! )

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Now that all the treasures have been revealed, here's my contribution, which to be honest I've been itching to post since I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out and had a LOT of fun making it!

GoS Treasure Hunt 2016 Sunglasses preview

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January's theme was "Unfinished Business," and boy, am I ever the queen of unfinished business. I didn't finish the projects I had intended for December's between starting it late and traveling for the holidays, so I expanded upon them. That one was "Winter Wonderland," so I did some recolors of two winter coats by Yuxi that I adore and a cute scarf by Trapping.

Preview of winter coats & scarves

I had them posed like that so long the snow filled in their footprints... )
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