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2017-08-01 05:17 pm

GoS Christmas in July 2017 - Stocking Stuffer

Although I didn't participate in Christmas in July (I'm bad at making stuff for other people) I made a stocking stuffer: a set of nighties in cute and pretty patterns.

UPDATE!  Now available with both Sexyfeet and blockfeet!

Nighties preview
I don't usually take requests but someone on Tumblr asked for these with blockfeet, and it was just a matter of slapping the texture on Kayleigh's original mesh. (I should have offered both anyway!)

Blockfeet preview:

Nighties preview 2

Nighties swatch
They are for AF only and available under PJs. Meshes are included.

DOWNLOAD Fly Me To The Moon
Sexyfeet | Blockfeet

Meshes by Kayleigh and Pooklet
-anneclairdelune, Any Palacios, cookie-rookie, pocketmole, & yoksel @ ColourLOVERS
-art_of_sun, caja_design, coggon_(roz_robinson), geekygamergirl, kirpa, littlesmilemakers, marcelinesmith, risu_rose, spacefem, & un_temps_de_coton @ Spoonflower

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2017-07-28 03:23 pm

GoS June & July 2017 - 3rd Entry

I'm having way too much fun with this theme!

Shirts preview
18 recolors of MDPthatsme's 4t2 Shirt Button Sleeves Short in eye-searing neons and patterns of questionable taste :D

Shirts swatch

They are available for TM, AM, and EM, and you have the choice of repositoried or standalone. Meshes are included. (I love this shirt so much, I might make some more "normal" recolors in the future.)



Originally converted by Chanel, fixed by MDPthatsme, morphs added by DeeDee
TM & EM conversions by DeeDee
Color actions-
Pooklet & Huning
-ColorServe & yoksel @ ColourLovers
-art_of_sun, caja_design, charlottewinter, seasonofvictory, & susiprint @ Spoonflower
-ainams @ Tumblr

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2017-07-23 04:18 pm
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GoS June & July 2017 - 2nd Entry

More delightfully tacky '80s fashion!

Shutter shades preview

Shutter shades swatch

16 recolors of Vanilla_Ice-cream's shutter shades in some of Pooklet's neons and gradients.  They are unisex, for child-elder. Mesh by Stonetower is included.


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2017-07-18 05:34 pm

Relax! Don't do it!

June & July's theme is "Gaudy, Extravagant, and Over the Top."  I am a child of the '80s and the fashion of that decade was wonderfully gaudy. I love me some neon and loud geometric prints :D

80s outfits preview

80s outfits swatch

They are available for TF, AF, and EF, and you can choose repositoried or standalone. Meshes by DeeDee are included.

Repositoried | Standalone

DeeDee for meshes and PSD
-Yoko Honda
-Schatzi Brown
-seasonofvictory and heleen_vd_thillart @ Spoonflower

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2017-06-10 01:34 pm

GoS Treasure Hunt 2017 Contribution

Here's my contriubution to this year's GoS Treasure Hunt!

Crop tops preview

Trapping's 3t2 conversion of Sentate's Frida Crop Tee is one of my favorite tops and it begged for more recolors. So I did 25 - 15 solid and 10 patterned ones.

Crop tops swatch

DOWNLOAD Frida Crop Tops

Mesh by Sentate, 3t2 conversion by Trapping
Color actions by Aelia, CuriousB, Kinu, & Pooklet
Fabric overlay by Aquilegia
Patterns by:
-hiver, HopeFull, miss bea hayvin, praxicalidocious, & yoksel @ COLOURlovers
-beesocks, caja_design, kristinnohe, & lydia_meiying @ Spoonflower
-The Fat Strawberry

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2017-04-20 02:04 pm
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Coolsims 60 & Peggy Fh090112

These two hairs were a bit of a pain in the ass, because I couldn't do them via the SimPE import method - there were weird transparencies that wouldn't go away. So I had to do them the regular Bodyshop way which takes forever when you're doing 46 recolors. But whatever, they're fixed now, and I'm happy with them.  (A big thank you to Digital Angels for helping me figure out the problem!)

Coolsims 60 hair preview

Peggy Fh090112 hair preview

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2017-04-15 05:30 pm

GoS April 2017 Monthly Theme Contribution

April's theme is "Seven Deadly Sins & Seven Aspirations."  Lust! Romance! How could I resist an opportunity to make more lingerie?

Lingerie preview

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2017-04-02 02:09 pm
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3 more Newsea hairs

If you didn't figure it out already, I love me some Newsea hairs. (It's a shame they're not animated, though...)  So here are 3 more, in Io's textures as usual.

Hair preview

Hair today, gone tomorrow... )

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2017-03-26 11:26 am
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Eyebrows & Endtables

I wanted some unnatural-colored eyebrows for my sims, and I love these eyebrow edits by Digital Angels, so I did some recolors.

Eyebrows preview

This endtable has always been a favorite of mine, I used to put it in all my sims' houses back when I used to actually play the game. It's an older mesh that only had one color choice, so I figured it could use a retexture.

Endtable preview

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2017-03-18 03:59 pm

GoS March 2017 Monthly Theme Contribution

The theme for March is default replacements, and I have a few for you that I wanted for my own game.

Diva dress preview

afbodydressscarfgloves replaced with Skell's Bella Ruched Mermaid Gown. The Diva's dress is the black and red one and has been unhidden. There is another recolor of this dress in FreeTime, so I replaced that with the lavender gown. The Diva's is found under everyday and formal, the rest just under formal.


Hidden outfits preview
These four hidden outfits have "HM" in the name but are in the FT game files, so I'm 99% sure you need FT and not H&M for them. I've unlocked and townified them. From left to right:

afbodyhmskatepark replaced with MistyBlue's Come Along Pond - Rockin' Cowgirl | DOWNLOAD
afbodyhmredcarpetlongdress replaced with Skell's Specter (Cherry recolor) | DOWNLOAD
afbodyhmnightout replaced with Yuxi's A Day in DecemberDOWNLOAD
afbodyhmpartytime replaced with Skell's Naughty (white recolor) | DOWNLOAD

All are found under everyday and formal except the skate park outfit, that's everyday only.

Jennifer dress preview

afbodyjenniferdrspumps replaced with the original Maxis textures on Yuxi's Rock Show mesh with heeled boots.

CREDITS: Skell, MistyBlue, Yuxi

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2017-03-17 04:54 pm

GoS Blind Date 2017 Love Note

I didn't participate in the main event because I'm bad at making stuff for other people, but I contributed a little something - 18 recolors of the Kitchen & Bath Stuff camisole using Amaryll's lovely textures.  The same files work with or without Sexyfeet defaults.

Textures by Amaryll
Color actions by Aelia, CuriousB, Furbyq, Nyren, & Pooklet

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2017-03-10 03:22 pm
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3 Newsea hairs

I know, I know.... long flowy hairs are overdone and all that, but I love them. So today I bring you three long, flowy Newsea hair retextures :D

Newsea hairs preview

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2017-03-01 02:50 pm

When I'm bored, I make CC...

I've been kind of bored lately, and when I have nothing to do I turn to making CC because why not? So have some curtains and walls :D

Cafe curtains preview

Velvet drapes preview

Walls preview

I ran out of ideas for clever cut text ages ago... )
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2017-02-25 09:55 am

Hair add-ons & tops

Today I bring you some recolors of Aquilegia's peasant blouses and add-on recolors to lovely hair retextures by Azaya & Nat.

Blouses preview
Hair preview

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2017-01-24 04:12 pm

GoS January 2017 Monthly Theme Contribution

January's theme is "Unfinished Business," and it was the perfect opportunity to finish up some things I had laying around my projects folder.

Cozy Kitties preview

Qube tables preview

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2016-12-28 09:00 pm

GoS Secret Santa 2016 Stocking Stuffer

Just a small offering for GoS Secret Santa 2016 - 10 recolors of Rented-Space's 3t2 Haylie Hoodie Dress.

Hoodie dress preview

3t2 conversion by Rented-Space
Colors by Aelia & CuriousB
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2016-11-10 09:06 am

GoS November 2016 Monthly Theme Contribution

For once, I have something well before the last day :D  This month's theme is "Body Positivity." Older folks deserve to feel good about their own bodies just as much as anyone else, and it's tough in a culture that tells us aging is ugly.  So I've got something special for your elder ladies.

I Feel Pretty undies preview

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2016-11-01 11:02 am
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Some Hair.

I can't for the life of me figure out which number to call Peggy's hairs, so for the sake of simplicity I'm calling them by the name on the mesh. (If that's not simpler for anyone else, I'm sorry!)

Peggy hairs preview

SAU Myos 25 hair preview

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