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MY POLICY: NO paysites, Adfly, Patreon, or TSR. That's all I ask.

I take hair retexture requests! Shoot me a PM here or an ask on Tumblr.
-Io's edit of Pooklet's v3 textures
-Nymphy's curls & Nouk's waves
-Trapping's TS3 dreadlocks & twists
-These 46 colors (if there's a specific color you want not on the list, I don't mind doing a few extras)

My Tumblr is probably a better way to look at all the CC I've made, but here's the list anyway.



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 Somebody over on Tumblr requested the model for Alesso Lights, so here she is :)


I can't include any CC because all my CAS content is bundled, but her CC list is below and included in the download.

DOWNLOAD Padma | SFS | Mediafire | Box
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I'm running out of titles for these posts, can you tell? :D

Coolsims 62 hair preview

Wings OS1113 hair preview

Bold Bandana Wrap hair preview
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Arwen Zhen Yin

For devotedlyghostlyenemy on Tumblr!

Arwen's face (other than the ears lol) is modeled after Liv Tyler, because I love Lord of the Rings and Arwen is my favorite character :) The ears come from an elf face template by Trapping.

Both sims come with base game content, since my CC is all bundled.Their CC lists are under the cut and included in the download.

DOWNLOAD Arwen | SFS | Mediafire | Box
DOWNLOAD Zhen Yin | SFS | Mediafire | Box

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 Sweaters preview

Here are some cozy sweaters to keep your sim ladies warm in freezing weather! They are recolors of Pinketamine's turtleneck sweater and Antka's TF conversion. There are 10 colors:

Sweaters swatch

Both repositoried and standalone versions are included. Credit to Aelia, CuriousB, Huning, and Kinu for colors.

DOWNLOAD Pinketamine Turtleneck Sweater Recolors | SFS | Mediafire | Box

Penguin paintings preview

Next, a set of penguin-themed paintings, because I adore penguins! There are 5 on Bella Squared and 11 on the BV travel poster. They are shown above with Buggybooz's and CuriousB's add-ons.

Swatches: Bella Squared | BV Travel Poster

DOWNLOAD Penguin Paintings | SFS | Mediafire | Box

Artwork credits: Lucia Heffernan, Martha Bowyer, Paul Powis, John Butler Art, Ryan Berkley, Suren Nersisyan, Fab Funky, Laura Graves, Makiko, Matt Dinniman, & Kira Balan
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300 followers gift part 2 banner

And part 2, four more of my sims, some guys this time :)

Sims preview

They only come with no CC because all of my CAS content is bundled, but their CC lists are below the cut and included in the rar.

Rhys | SFS | Mediafire | Box
Shinobu | SFS | Mediafire | Box
R.Y. | SFS | Mediafire | Box
Dante | SFS | Mediafire | Box
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 300 followers gift part 1 banner

The first part of my 300 followers gift is some age "conversions" (I can't mesh, so it's basically copypasta, but hey, it's still clothing for other ages, right?)
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