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I take hair retexture requests! Shoot me a PM here or an ask on Tumblr.
-Io's edit of Pooklet's v3 textures
-Nymphy's curls & Nouk's waves
-Trapping's TS3 dreadlocks & twists
-These 46 colors (if there's a specific color you want not on the list, I don't mind doing a few extras)

My Tumblr is probably a better way to look at all the CC I've made, but here's the list anyway.



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I know Amidalasims used Io’s textures for her conversions of these hairs, but the anon who requested them preferred that I do something a bit differently with them. So I redid them, adding more highlights and fiddling with the highlight placement here and there until I got something I liked. I hope you like them too!

Thank U hair preview

Next hair preview

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An anon on Tumblr asked for more hairlines, and I deliver! :)

Hairlines preview 1

Hairlines preview 2

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