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Since I did a whole load of winter coats and scarves back in January, it's starting to warm up again here, and male sims need more swimwear, for "Whatever the Weather" I made my swim trunks from November's theme for adults, teens, and kids.

Swim trunks preview

  • Bon Voyage is required for AM since they use the boardshorts mesh, but the TM is a conversion and CM is on a base game mesh so you don't need anything for those.  
  • The TM rar includes a blockfoot and a Sexyfeet mesh, the recolors work for both. Feet for the other ages will depend on your defaults, of course.**
  • I've included both standalone and repositoried-to-EM files for AM and TM. I redid the kids' trunks to fit the base game mesh, those textures are different so they can't be repositoried.
  • Obviously, Needlecream's 6 textures aren't included for AM because the originals are already for AM. However, please note that my repositoried TM ones are linked to my EM files and not Needlecream's AM. This is because I removed the waist shadows, they looked weird on the elder mesh. They weren't an issue on the other ages but I did this for consistency - sorry if this is inconvenient for anyone.
Swim trunks swatch

AM | TM | CM

**In case anyone didn't know, Slig added a preg morph to BlooM's AM BV trunks default. They also did the AM & TM ones from H&M since BlooM didn't do them, so grab those too if you have the stuff pack!  If you use blockfeet, transylvanian at MTS has a preg morph default for the BV one here.

Meshes: TM conversion of BV swim trunks by AdmiralAeris, BlooM's Sexyfeet added by Slig
Textures: Needlecream (6 TM recolors and the PSD I used to make my own), fakepeeps7 (CM)
Color actions: Aelia, CuriousB, Huning, & Pooklet
Patterns: 1 each by HopeFull & yoksel @ COLOURlovers, the rest from various users on Spoonflower (Needlecream's are by Annelies Belemans - I used them myself to re-make the CM ones)
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