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Two more things I've had finished for a while ^_^

Newsea Thorn Birds hair preview

(shown in Detonator)
F / All Ages / Polycount: 14387

Pooklet's Project Goose dress with flats preview
This hair was a freakin' walk in the park after Rose Gudai 009. I'm sure it's been done in Io's textures before, but I've been more productive by telling myself "if you want it and you're capable of making it yourself, do it."

Newsea Thorn Birds hair preview - angles

In these colors, naturals are binned but not familied (grays and Bastet are in custom). Mesh is included.

DOWNLOAD Newsea Thorn Birds

I love Pooklet's "Project Goose" dresses from their 2010 Advent gift at GoS, but I'm not a fan of the shoes on the mesh.  I only recently come across this shoeswap that demonic-pixie did with Amaryll's flats, so maybe it's been done already, but I slapped Pooklet's original dress textures on it.

For (Y)AF, 21 colors, categorized as Everyday & Formal.  The mesh has a fat but no preg morph.
Pooklet dress color swatch

DOWNLOAD Pooklet's "Project Goose" with Flats


Mesh by Newsea
Textures by Io
Colors by Pooklet, Io, Lilith, Digital Angels, Almighty Hat, Aweeshie, & Furbyq

Mesh by demonic-pixie (original dress by Corinne, flats by Amaryll)
Textures by Pooklet
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