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  • NO paysites, Adfly, or TSR.
  • Please give me credit. Don't claim my stuff as your own, that's common courtesy. I make CC for fun, but I put a lot of time and effort into my projects in the hopes that people might enjoy them as much as I do. A link back here would be awesomesauce but it's not necessary.
  • Respect other (free) creators' policies. I don't mesh, so any meshes I use are not created by me, and I often use/edit textures and other bits and pieces from other folks as allowed by their own TOU.
Aside from that, anything you want to do is cool with me. If you do use anything of mine I'd love to see it!  ^_^

Generally I don't do requests since I don't feel comfortable with it, though I have done a couple of simple ones at GoS. I do like to help people out if I can, so if you have a question about anything I've made or a WCIF for something in my previews/screencaps, feel free to ask!

A visual index of my downloads on Tumblr


My retextures (in these colors unless otherwise specified)

F - Alesso Aurora 3t2 (Io)
F - Coolsims 60 (Io)
F - Elexis Florence 3t2 (Io)
F - Helga 87 (Io) - GoS Founder's Day 2017
F - Maxis FreeTime Flamenco Dancer (Nymphy) - GoS May 2016
F - Newsea Crescent 3t2 (Io)
F - Newsea Desperate (Io) - GoS Founder's Day 2017
F - Newsea Disco Heaven (Io)
F - Newsea Dream Glory (Io)
F - Newsea Infinity (Io)
F - Newsea Lady's Diary 3t2 (Io)
F - Newsea Miles Away (Io)
F - Newsea Sand Glass (Io)
F - Newsea Sun Kiss (Io)
F - Newsea Sweet Slumber (Io)
F - Newsea Thorn Birds (Io)
F - Newsea Titanium 3t2 (Io)
F - Newsea Voyage (Io)
F - Newsea Wild Soul 3t2 (Io)
F - NightCrawler Galaxy Memento Edit (Trapping's twists)
F - Nouk Two Wavy Tails (Io)
F - Peggy 0111 (Io) - GoS September 2017
F - Peggy 7360 (Trapping's twists)
F - Peggy Fh081024 (Io)
F - Peggy Fh090112 (J113) (Io)
F - Peggy Fh100205 (Io)
F - Peggy Fh100827 (Io) - GoS Founder's Day 2017
F - Raon 79 (Io) - GoS Founder's Day 2017
F - Raon 103 (Io)
F - Rose Gudai 009 (Io)
F - Skysims 029 (Io)
F - Skysims 074 (Io)
F - XMS Flora 038A (Io)
F - XMS Flora 077 (Io) - GoS September 2015
F - XMS Flora 096A (Io) - GoS September 2017

M - Coolsims M70 (Io)
M - Maxis FreeTime Flamenco Hat (Nymphy) - GoS May 2016
M - Newsea Camellia (Io) - GoS September 2017
M - Newsea Rough Sketch (Io) - GoS Founder's Day 2017
M - Newsea Roy (Io)
M - Peggy October 09 Gift (Io) - GoS Founder's Day 2017
M - Raon M035 (Io)
M - Raon M039 (Io) - GoS September 2017
M - SAU MYOS 25 (Io)
M - Skysims 028 (Io)
M - Skysims 085 (Io)
M - Skysims 121 (Io)
M - Trapping Short Wavy Messy 3t2 (Io, Nouk's waves)
M - Trapping Small Spike 3t2 (Io)
M - Trapping Soft Spike 3t2 (Io)

Add-on recolors of others' retextures

F - Alesso Spectrum 3t2 (Pooklet v3/Nouk waves blend, by Azaya)
F - Cazy Sorrow (Pooklet v3/Remi/Nymphy blend, by Digital Angels)
F - Newsea Disco Heaven (Trapping's twists, by ZeroDark)
F - Newsea Sun Kiss (Trapping's twists, by ZeroDark)
F - Modish Kitten Cloud Puff 3t2 (Nouk Afro textures, by Nat)
F - Peggy 4476 (Pooklet v3, by Azaya)

M - Cazy M54 (Pooklet v3, by Digital Angels)
M - Cazy M61 (Io, by Digital Angels)
M - Cazy Taylr F2M (Io, by Digital Angels)

F & M - Cazy 93 3t2 (Pooklet v3, by  Digital Angels)
F & M - Cazy Over The Light 3t2 (Io, by Digital Angels)
F & M - Newsea Sakura (Trapping's twists, by ZeroDark) - GoS request for cjvandever


afhairdeco (original Maxis mesh, Nymphy)
afhairflamencoflower (original Maxis mesh, Nymphy)

amhairhatflamenco (original Maxis mesh, Nymphy)


AF - Fly Me To the Moon - Nighties with Sexyfeet (GoS Christmas in July 2017 Stocking Stuffer)
AF - I Know There's Something Going On - Trapping/Sentate Frida Crop Tee Recolors (GoS Treasure Hunt 2017)
AF - Kiss Me & Tease Me - Lingerie with Cleavage & Sexyfeet (GoS August 2017)
AF - Kitchen & Bath Camisole Recolors (GoS Blind Date 2017 Love Note)
AF - Love is the Pulse of the Stars - Satin Undies with Cleavage & Sexyfeet
AF - Lola in Lace - Retextures of Io's Lola Dress (GoS Founder's Day 2017)
AF - Oblivious - Amaryll's Flapper Skirt with Open Boots Recolors
AF - Pooklet's Project Goose Dresses with Flats
AF - The Glamorous Life - Recolors of Amaryll's GLS Fishtail Dress with Heels
AF - The Principles of Lust - Lingerie with Cleavage & Sexyfeet
AF - These Dreams - CatOfEvilGenius Hi-Lo Skirt with Amaryll's Flats
TF - Bosie & FadeToBlack Corsets (GoS Founder's Day 2016)
EF - I Feel Pretty - Bruno Lingerie Recolors (GoS November 2016)
CF - Brighter Than The Sun - Recolors of Trapping's fakepeeps7 Romper with Sneakers (GoS Founder's Day 2017)
Toddler F - Cozy Kitties (GoS January 2017)
AF/EF - From Russia With Love - Recolors of Yuxi's Russian Wrap (GoS January 2016)
TF/AF/EF - Frankie Says Relax - An '80s Throwback (GoS June & July 2017)
TF/AF/EF - Garden In My Room - Aquilegia Peasant Blouse Recolors
TF/AF/EF - Hazy Shade of Winter - Recolors of Yuxi's 8-Button Trenchcoat (GoS January 2016)
TF/AF/EF - The Glamorous Life - Recolors of Trapping's Full-Length GLS Halter Gown
TF/AF/EF - Rented-Space 3t2 Haylie Hoodie Dress Recolors (GoS Secret Santa 2016 Stocking Stuffer)

TM/AM - You Can Leave Your Pants Behind - Boxers
TM/AM/EM - Mango Tango - Recolors of MDPthatsme's 4t2 Shirt Button Sleeves Short (GoS June & July 2017)
TM/AM/EM - Simple and Clean - More Recolors of MDP's 4t2 Shirt Button Sleeves Short
TM/AM/EM - Mr. Tangerine Speedo (GoS August 2016)
CM/TM/AM - Cheeseburger In Paradise - Swim Trunks (GoS March 2016)
EM - Cheeseburger In Paradise - Swim Trunks (GoS November 2015)
EM - You Can Leave Your Pants Behind - Boxers (GoS November 2015)

Default - afbodydressscarfgloves
Default - afbodyflamencodress
Default - afbodyhmnightout
Default - afbodyhmpartytime
Default - afbodyhmredcarpetlongdress
Default - afbodyhmskatepark
Default - afbodyjenniferdrspumps


AF - Flamenco Fans - Bipsouille Recolors (GoS May 2016)
TF/AF & TM/AM - Half Moon Love - Space Pendants (GoS Founder's Day 2017)
Unisex/All Ages - It's A Marshmallow World - Trapping Vinter Scarf Recolors (GoS January 2016)
Unisex/Child-Elder - The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades - Tamo Buddy Holly Glasses Recolors (GoS Treasure Hunt 2016)
Unisex/Child-Elder - Sunglasses At Night - Vanilla_Ice-cream Shutter Shades Recolors (GoS June & July 2017)

Aquilegia Base Game Cafe Curtains Recolors
Aquilegia Base Game Velvet Drapes Recolors
99 Luftballons - Holy Simoly's Party Balloons repositoried & recolored
Jessy 3t2 Beanbag Chair Recolors (GoS Founder's Day 2017)

My Favorite Things
- Pottery inspired by ancient & antique Chinese porcelain (GoS July 2016)
Sugar Qubes - NL "Qube" neon coffee table recolors (GoS January 2017)
Visions of You
- 12 paintings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti on Maxis meshes (GoS July 2016)


Evenstar (GoS Founder's Day 2017)


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