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So... Digital Angels is one of my fave creators, and I've got more of her hair retextures than anyone else's. And of course I need my Sims to have a million hair colors to choose from, so I like to make more recolors. I figured why not upload them, because there's always a chance someone else might want them.

Cazy/Digital Angels hair preview
These are the colors I do for my own retextures, so for each of these I did Lilith's Eva colors, all the unnaturals sans Bastet, and anything else on that chart not included in Digi's uploads. All meshes are included in case you don't have them already. Also, in case you're like me and need a map to navigate your hair section, my recolors won't be right at the front of the catalog, they're closer to where Digi's are because I use a separate EA Games folder for creating (loading times...)

Cazy Over The Light hair preview
(shown in Shinji (M) and Firework-Tetryl gradient (F) )
F & M / All Ages / Polycount: F - 14153, M - 14241
Textures by Io

I love how sleek and pretty this hair looks. I did 2 gradients for this one as well (the one pictured and Combustible-Hazardous). Personally I think it's too long for toddlers, but I left it all ages to be consistent with Digi's files.

Angles (F)Angles (M)
DOWNLOAD Cazy Over The Light 3t2 add-ons (F)
DOWNLOAD Cazy Over The Light 3t2 add-ons (M)

Original retexture - (F) (M)
(Credit to Rented-Space for the 3t2 conversion. Digi did the F2M)

Cazy 93 hair preview
(shown in Detonator (AF) and Misato (TM) )
F & M / All Ages / Polycount: F - 11155, M - 11243
Pooklet v3 textures

This is the kind of hair that'd make me have an instant crush on a guy when I was a teenager :D  It's super cute on the ladies, too. There's one mesh for both but it's included in each download.

Angles (F)Angles (M)
DOWNLOAD Cazy 93 3t2 add-ons (F)
DOWNLOAD Cazy 93 3t2 add-ons (M)

Original retexture
(Credit to Rented-Space for the 3t2 conversion.)

Cazy 61 & Taylr hair preview

(left, shown in Powder Cake)
M / All Ages / Polycount: 11600
Io's textures

Kind of reminds me of Dragon Ball Z, but I like it. (My first thought is actually Lino En Kuldes from Suikoden IV, but that's probably obscure.)

DOWNLOAD Cazy M61 add-ons

Original retexture


(right, shown in Sunspot)
M / All Ages / Polycount: 11600
Io's textures

I only did the male version because I don't have enough hair for guys, but you can just slap the textures into F recolors if you're so inclined (they use the same mesh). I included the updated version of Digi's mesh, please see the link to the original for notes.

DOWNLOAD Cazy Taylr F2M add-ons

Original conversion & retexture

Cazy Sorrow & M54 hair preview


(left, shown in Afterburner)
F / All Ages / Polycount: 14348
Pooklet, Remi, Nymphy texture blend

This is a lovely mesh to begin with (plus it's animated!), and the textures make it look all soft and fluffy.

DOWNLOAD Cazy Sorrow add-ons

Original retexture

(right, shown in Rei)
M / All Ages / Polycount: 10733
Pooklet v3 textures

I've really got a thing for male hairs that fall into the face (you never would have guessed, right? *glances nonchalantly at avatar*) I think this one's actually called 54M, but whatever.

DOWNLOAD Cazy M54 add-ons

Original retexture

I know that was unnecessarily elaborate for a hair recolor dump post, but again, whatever. At least I'm enjoying taking preview pics more than I used to.


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