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I know it's been a little while since I uploaded anything, but I missed the deadline for the June theme since I was out of town visiting family and since then I've spent a lot of my Sims time going through the massive amounts of CC I have so I can someday actually play again. While unsuccessfully avoiding more downloading sprees. I need an intervention :D

July's theme was "Night at the Museum," and I was thrilled because not only do I love art and art history but this gave me the perfect excuse to make vases for M'Quve's collection!  I also did some paintings by one of my favorite artists.

Chinese vases preview

Rossetti paintings preview

For the pottery, you will need AdonisPluto's Sculpted Vases set and AroundTheSims Advent 2008 vase which can be found here. The other meshes are included (Kate's Deco Vase and Windkeeper's Terracotta Vases from her Simceramics set). Each recolor of AdonisPluto's master mesh covers 3 large and 3 small vases, and Windkeeper's small vase is repositoried to the large one. I only did a few patterns since it was tough to fit them to the meshes nicely. I added an envcube to the recolors - not too shiny, just enough for the effect of glazed porcelain.

Chinese vases swatch

DOWNLOAD "My Favorite Things" Vases

I discovered Dante Gabriel Rossetti's work years ago through the painting "Proserpine" (seen on the left in the preview above), and didn't know until much later that he painted a woman with my first name (on the right in the same picture). I suppose I wouldn't have been as shocked if my name wasn't so rare where I live (secret: I'm not even Italian - I'm an American of Portuguese and French descent). But I digress.

All the paintings are on Maxis meshes.
The paintings in the middle (Grilled Cheese & The Lady On Red) are shown with CuriousB's reframes (you can find them, along with base game versions, here and here). The one on the right is in Buggybooz's large BV travel poster add-on from the "Feast of Frames" set (note, if you have AL they've been fixed to not turn dark when shifting by Threadandsandpaper here).

Five of them have two versions (Lady On Red & BV travel poster) just because I wanted to use both CuriousB's and Buggybooz's add-ons with them.

DOWNLOAD Rossetti Paintings

Another secret... this is my first object upload, so please tell me if I missed something, did something wrong, made your computer explode, etc.


Meshes by AdonisPluto, Kate at Parsimonious, Windkeeper, and AroundTheSims
Terracotta texture by jojo-ojoj
Patterns from this book by Owen Jones and peacoquettedesigns
Art by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, images from The Rossetti Archive and Wikipedia
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