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The GoS monthly theme for last November was "Senior Citizen Celebration," so I took the opportunity to make some stuff for elder males, since they're probably the single most neglected age/sex group in the game. Furthermore, there's almost nothing for swimwear and undies for them.
Swim trunks preview 1

Boxers preview 1

sushigal007 converted the BV swim trunks for EM, but I use Sexyfeet in my game and can't mesh. I was really set on recoloring it and dark_moon was kind enough to fulfill the request I made!  So here are 24 recolors - 18 patterns (6 of these are by Needlecream) and 6 two-toned solids.

Swim trunks swatch

Both meshes are included - choose ONE as you can't have both in your game (not that it would make sense to anyway).


Boxers preview 2
The boxers are just on a base game mesh, so your sims will have blockfeet or Sexyfeet according to your defaults. I went a little bit crazy. There are 60, count 'em, SIXTY recolors here. You get:

-18 - Nilou's "Recycled Dance" solids in assorted Aelia Autumn & Jewel colors
-16 - additional solids in an assortment of brights & pastels by Nyren, Huning, Pooklet, & Aelia
-6 - gradients
-10 - striped
-10 - miscellaneous patterns

Solids (Nilou) | Solids & Gradients (me) | Patterns (me) 



Swim trunks-
Meshes: Original by sushigal007, BlooM's SexyFeet added by dark_moonTextures: Needlecream (6 of the patterns, as well as her PSD I used as a base)
Color actions: Aelia, CuriousB, Huning, & Pooklet
Patterns: 1 each by HopeFull & yoksel @ COLOURlovers, the rest from various users on Spoonflower

Base textures & 18 solid recolors by Nilou
Color actions: Aelia, Huning, Nyren, & Pooklet
Patterns: Anomalin (striped pattern template), praxicalidocious, & Weirdy @ COLOURlovers, various users on Spoonflower
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