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I've been kind of bored lately, and when I have nothing to do I turn to making CC because why not? So have some curtains and walls :D

Cafe curtains preview

Velvet drapes preview

Walls preview

I love Aquilegia's base game curtain default replacements, so I did some recolors of their retextures of the cheap "cafe" curtains and the velvet drapes. (I may do the others later, not sure yet). Here are the colors for the cafe curtains:

Cafe curtains swatch

And the velvet drapes:

Velvet drapes swatch

DOWNLOAD Aquilegia Cafe Curtains Recolors

DOWNLOAD Aquilegia Velvet Drapes Recolors

Textures by Aquilegia
Color actions by Aelia & CuriousB

The walls feature floral (and floral-ish) patterns from COLOURlovers. There are two walls for each - one with just the pattern and one with chair moulding and a solid color on the bottom. Here are some more pictures and a swatch of the patterns:

Walls preview 2

Walls preview 3

Walls swatch

DOWNLOAD Potpourri Walls | Mac-compatible version

Moulding & textures by Shastakiss
Patterns by anneclairdelune, HopeFull, & yoksel @ COLOURlovers
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