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I wanted some unnatural-colored eyebrows for my sims, and I love these eyebrow edits by Digital Angels, so I did some recolors.

Eyebrows preview

This endtable has always been a favorite of mine, I used to put it in all my sims' houses back when I used to actually play the game. It's an older mesh that only had one color choice, so I figured it could use a retexture.

Endtable preview

So... eyebrows.  There are 5 sets, as you can see below.  They come in the 14 unnatural colors I use for my hairs.

Eyebrows preview 2

(Shown in Tetryl, Detonator, and Hangfire.)

DOWNLOAD Digital Angels Eyebrow Edit Recolors

Original brows by Ephemera & KimJ, edited by Digital Angels
Colors by Pooklet & Furbyq

I retextured Jasana_Bugbreeder's 3-slot endtable in Shastakiss's Pirate woods and Michelle's AL woods, and did 10 additional recolors which also use Goat's wood texture. Here's a preview of some of them:

Endtable preview 2

The mesh is included.

DOWNLOAD Jasana_Bugbreeder 3-Slot Endtable Recolors


Mesh by Jasana_Bugbreeder
Wood textures by Goat, Shastakiss, Michelle, & amythestfenix
Colors by CuriousB & Aelia

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