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These two hairs were a bit of a pain in the ass, because I couldn't do them via the SimPE import method - there were weird transparencies that wouldn't go away. So I had to do them the regular Bodyshop way which takes forever when you're doing 46 recolors. But whatever, they're fixed now, and I'm happy with them.  (A big thank you to Digital Angels for helping me figure out the problem!)

Coolsims 60 hair preview

Peggy Fh090112 hair preview

As always, both hairs come in these colors and naturals are binned but not familied.

Coolsims 60 hair preview 2

Coolsims 60

(shown in Verin)
F / All Ages / Polycount: 11777
Textures by Io

This one includes two gradients - Firework-Tetryl and Blasting Agent-Afterburner.

Coolsims 60 hair preview 3

DOWNLOAD Coolsims 60

Peggy Fh090112 hair preview 2

Peggy Fh090112 (J113, or 05069)
(shown in Shrapnel)
F / All Ages / Polycount: 11136
Textures by Io

Also known as "The Sexy Updo." :D  I just kept Peggy's original hair clip because I like it as is.

DOWNLOAD Peggy Fh090112
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