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For once, I have something well before the last day :D  This month's theme is "Body Positivity." Older folks deserve to feel good about their own bodies just as much as anyone else, and it's tough in a culture that tells us aging is ugly.  So I've got something special for your elder ladies.

I Feel Pretty undies preview

These are recolors of Bruno's gorgeous lingerie. There are two sets: "I Feel Pretty" is the bra and panties, and "I Feel Pretty Too" is the one-piece (I named those backwards...)

I Feel Pretty undies swatch

Imalia over at GoS was kind enough to provide me with a Sexyfeet version of the All About Style mesh Bruno used, so you have the choice of blockfeet or Sexyfeet. (Thanks again, Imalia!)

DOWNLOAD I Feel Pretty Lingerie
Blockfeet | Sexyfeet


Textures by Bruno
Mesh by All About Style, edit with BlooM's Sexyfeet by Imalia
Color actions by Aelia, CuriousB, Furbyq, & Pooklet

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