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If you didn't figure it out already, I love me some Newsea hairs. (It's a shame they're not animated, though...)  So here are 3 more, in Io's textures as usual.

Hair preview

They come in this ridiculous amount of colors and naturals except grays are binned but not familied.

Dream Glory hair preview

Newsea Dream Glory
(shown in Lucifer)
F / All Ages / Polycount: 12627
Textures by Io

This is the hair I put on Bella Goth in the uberhood that I have yet to play because I never play the damn game.

DOWNLOAD Newsea Dream Glory

Voyage hair preview

Newsea Voyage
(shown in Powder Cake)
F / All Ages / Polycount: 10159
Textures by Io

How do you get the hair tucked in so neatly in the back like that in real life?

DOWNLOAD Newsea Voyage

Sweet Slumber hair preview

Newsea Sweet Slumber
(shown in Depth Charge)
F / All Ages / Polycount: 10538
Textures by Io

This one is also tucked in neatly in the back.  I'd love to do my hair like that, it's so pretty.

DOWNLOAD Newsea Sweet Slumber

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