Apr. 6th, 2016

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I made a Tumblr sideblog a while back to post Sims 2 CC finds, but I didn't know if I was going to continue with it. There's so much great stuff in the TS2 community there, though, so I decided to keep it going. I've only got a few posts so far, but I've got all my fave creators bookmarked and I'll be raiding their blogs to share the goodies :)

I'm keeping my own CC here because avoiding the drama on Tumblr and LJ is necessary for my sanity. I've had an account on Tumblr for 4 years with my combination personal blog/Gundam fanblog, but I can't mentally deal with all the angry politics and hostility in that place (it's impossible to avoid, even using Xkit) and nearly all my Gundam friends have left for similar reasons. I do use it to interact with Simblr folks occasionally, if you get a message from me it'll be obvious since I'm mrs-mquve there (and I guarantee you 1000% there is nobody that loves M'Quve more than I do XD).
mrs_mquve: (Default)

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