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I had been meaning to retexture the FT flamenco dancer hair for a long time, and the entertainment/music part of May's "Triple Threat" theme gave me the inspiration to do it. Then I decided to do the men's flamenco hat, and make defaults, and it kept going from there.

Flamenco Fiesta preview

It goes without saying that you need FreeTime for everything (except the Deco default, that's from OFB), but I'm not sure if you can use the custom recolors of the flamenco flower hair with just OFB. I have compilation packs, so I can't use Any Game Starter to check. If somebody could let me know, that be great.

So, to start... the hair. I thought Nymphy's curls would look adorable on this mesh, and I'm pleased with the results.

Flamenco Flower hair preview

(from left to right: Dynamite, Incendiary, Time Bomb, Molotov, and Depth Charge)

All of the naturals have a red flower except Explosive, Pyrotechnic, Molotov, and Verin - the red was too close to the hair color, so those and the unnaturals have a black flower (Fluorophore can be seen on model Roxanne in other previews below).  While I was at it I figured I'd default the Deco hair from OFB, too. I used colors from Aelia & CuriousB for the flowers.

Deco hair preview

(from left to right: Dynamite/Foxglove, Pipe Bomb/Raspberry, Incendiary/Nightshade, Depth Charge/Ultraviolet, Explosive/Forget-me-not)

I would've loved to have this hair for teens and kids and DJ_Mur3 did convert it, but the meshes have issues and I can't fix it myself :(

I also used Nymphy's curls for the hat hair.  I like the main texture of the hat as it is (good thing, because Maxis mapping, ugh) so I left it, but I revamped the trim. The new trim goes nicely with both the Maxis flamenco suit and Bosie's gorgeous "To Have And To Hold" retextures.

Flamenco Hat hair preview

(from left to right: Volatile, Mail Bomb, Pyrotechnic, Dynamite, Depth Charge. Detonator is in the title pic, if you look closely ;) )

The custom versions come in these colors. Naturals except grays are binned but not familied. Bastet is in custom with the other unnaturals. I un-townified the hats, but left the flower hair townified since I like it showing up randomly in my game.

The defaults are texture-only, so there are no property sets, they will behave exactly as the Maxis originals unless you mod it yourself (I should do a tutorial on how I use hiders to only show the Maxis items I do like and customize their property sets). There are 3 options:

1. Dynamite/Depth Charge/Incendiary/Explosive/Pipe Bomb
2. Dynamite/Depth Charge/Incendiary/Molotov/Time Bomb
3. Dynamite/Depth Charge/Volatile/Pyrotechnic/Mail Bomb

The flowers on the F hair are like I mentioned in the custom version - reds have a black flower, all others have a red one.  Deco comes as default only and regardless of the option you choose, blonde will have Nightshade, red will have Forget-me-not, etc. I've also uploaded PSDs for each with the Volatile hair bases and the flower and hat trim bases (and all the flower colors I used so you can mix and match if you like those).

DOWNLOAD Flamenco Flower Hair (F)
Default | Custom
DOWNLOAD Flamenco Hat Hair (M)
Default | Custom
Deco Hair Default (F)
Flamenco Flower (F) PSD

Flamenco Hat (M) PSD

I wanted a default for the flamenco dress with ReiraKurenai's mesh with BlooM's cleavage, so here it is with two options:

Flamenco Dress default replacement preview

I'll admit I never liked the polka dots before, but for some reason it's really grown on me, especially since I did some research and polka dots have been incorporated into some traditional flamenco attire (not to mention they suit Roxanne well). Skell also did a black and purple recolor, which I can't find the original of but Reira used those textures and you can find them at the link above the picture. I have trouble resisting anything purple :D

DOWNLOAD afbodyflamencodress DEFAULT  Bosie | Maxis

Finally, I had a kind of last-minute idea to make some flamenco recolors of Bipsouille's fan accessory. There are 5: 3 with gold trim, a red floral, and a black lace one. The mesh is included.

Flamenco Fans preview

Flamenco fans swatch

DOWNLOAD Flamenco Fans

I wanted to do a wall decor version but ran out of time. Maybe in the future I will.  Enjoy!

Hair textures by Nymphy
Fabric texture by Aquilegia (flowers & hat trim, black flower is from Ja's Pookleted defaults)
Color actions by Pooklet, Io, Lilith, Digital Angels, Furbyq, Almighty Hat, & Aweeshie

Dress default-
Mesh by ReiraKurenai (cleavage by BlooM)
Textures by Bosie & Maxis

Mesh by Bipsouille
Gold-trimmed fan textures from Pips Boutique (, the others from wholesale sites

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