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Me, 5 months ago: "I retextured a hair! It deserves a digital art masterpiece for a preview!"
Me, now: "Uh, here's some hairs I've been meaning to upload, have this lazy-ass preview pic of all of them."

I don't even have the usual lengthy commentary to add, so for once, just have some hair :D  As usual they come in these colors and all naturals except grays are binned but not familied. The Volatile base .png is included for anyone who wants to make recolors.

Hair preview

Elexis Florence hair preview

Elexis Florence 3t2
(shown in Isis)
F / All Ages / Polycount:7930
Textures by Io 

DOWNLOAD Elexis Florence 3t2

Rented-Space for the 3t2 conversion.

Raon 103 hair preview

Raon 103
(shown in Verin)
TF-EF / Polycount: 9844
Textures by Io

I made a tiny alpha edit to this one because there was a loose strand that was driving me crazy.


Newsea Lady's Diary hair preview

Newsea Lady's Diary 3t2
(shown in Serqet)
F / All Ages / Polycount:10905
Textures by Io

DOWNLOAD Newsea Lady's Diary 3t2

CREDIT: Kotangens for the 3t2 conversion, expanded to all ages by Emilia

Coolsims M70 hair preview

Coolsims M70
(shown in Incendiary)
M / All Ages / Polycount:12559
Textures by Io

UPDATE 8/1/17: Digital Angels edited this mesh to work with hairline blushes. The one shown here is the old one; if you'd like the edited mesh grab it here.

DOWNLOAD Coolsims M70



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