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I never have enough hair for my male sims, so I'm trying to make it a priority to get some of the M hairs on my to-do list done before the 8 million other F ones.

Raon M035 hair preview

(shown in Lucifer)
M / All Ages / Polycount: 11780

Newsea Roy hair preview

(shown in Blasting Agent)
M / All Ages / Polycount: 7579

Raon M035 hair preview - angles

I could have edited the alpha in the back, but I like the wispy look of the ends of this hair. I don't like whan a long straight hair is too fringy on the bottom, it makes it look stringy. But it works really well on this mesh. This was a stupidly easy retexture, I can hardly take credit for it. It's just a sheet of Io's textures, really.

Newsea Roy hair preview - angles

I wasn't sure at first if I liked the oddball piece(s) that stick up at the top of this one, but I don't like all my hairs to be TOO neat, so it grew on me and I think it's rather cute.

They come in these colors, naturals except grays are binned but not familied, Bastet is in custom with the other unnaturals. Meshes & Volatile base PNG included.




Meshes by Raon & Newsea
Textures by Io
Colors by Pooklet, Io, Lilith, Digital Angels, Almighty Hat, Aweeshie, & Furbyq
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