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January's theme was "Unfinished Business," and boy, am I ever the queen of unfinished business. I didn't finish the projects I had intended for December's between starting it late and traveling for the holidays, so I expanded upon them. That one was "Winter Wonderland," so I did some recolors of two winter coats by Yuxi that I adore and a cute scarf by Trapping.

Preview of winter coats & scarves

Actually, the tracks and little snow piles disappear when you go into Build/Buy mode. Of course, I'm probably the only one who fusses over tiny details like that, and that's why shooting preview pics takes me eons :D

Russian Wrap coats preview

9 recolors of Yuxi's Russian Wrap and Rented-Space's elder conversion. There are 2 AF meshes, so choose one - Tenshii~Akari's smooth hands or Maxis hands. All have morphs and are categorized as Everyday & Outerwear (plus Maternity for AF). I repository everything I can for my own game, so there's a standalone EF version and one slaved to the AF recolors.

Russian Wrap coats swatch

DOWNLOAD "From Russia With Love"
| EF (Repositoried) | EF (Standalone)

8-Button Trenchcoat preview

20 recolors of Yuxi's 8-Button Trenchcoat, Keoni's teen conversion, & Rented-Space's elder conversion. Same deal here - all meshes have morphs, choose smooth or Maxis hands for AF, Everyday & Outerwear (& Maternity for adults). Again, you have the option of AF-referencing or standalone for both TF & EF.

8-Button Trenchcoat swatch

DOWNLOAD "Hazy Shade of Winter"
AF | TF (Repositoried) | TF (Standalone) | EF (Repositoried) | EF (Standalone)

Scarves preview

50 recolors of Trapping's Vinter Scarf. 45 assorted colors (that's the minimum I could decide on!), 4 colors of leopard print, and a pastel star pattern. I couldn't figure out the mapping so patterns were a lost cause, but those 5 turned out okay and I like them enough to upload them. Unisex, all-ages, binned with glasses. Layerable with most things as far as I can tell.

Scarves swatch 1Scarves swatch 2

DOWNLOAD "It's A Marshmallow World"


Russian Wrap-
Yuxi - AF meshes & textures
Rented-Space - EF conversion
Aelia, CuriousB, Furbyq, Huning, Nyren, Pooklet - color actions

8-Button Trenchcoat -
Yuxi - AF meshes & textures
Keoni - TF conversion
Rented-Space - EF conversion (plus the belt texture from her nicer retextures because I couldn't make the original lighter without pixelation)
Aquilegia - linen overlay
Aelia, CuriousB, Huning, Nyren - color actions

Vinter Scarf -
Trapping - mesh & textures
Aelia, CuriousB, Huning, Nyren - color actions
kimsa @ Spoonflower - leopard pattern (sky blue & violet are edits by me)
yoksel @ ColourLOVERS (star pattern template, colored by me)
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